Drive-Away Dolls
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Starring: Margaret Qualley,Geraldine Viswanathan,Beanie Feldstein,Colman Domingo,Pedro Pascal,Matt Damon
Director: Ethan Coen
Movie Studio: Working Title Films
Genre: Thriller
Other Genres: Comedy,Crime
Run Time: 84 Minutes
Release Date: 2/23/2024
Synopsis: Written by Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke, this comedy caper follows Jamie, an uninhibited free spirit bemoaning yet another breakup with a girlfriend, and her demure friend Marian who desperately needs to loosen up. In search of a fresh start, the two embark on an impromptu road trip to Tallahassee, but things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals along the way.
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